PLD8000B Dynamic FPD DRF Digital radiography and digital fluoroscopy


Full support perspective, gastrointestinal spot film, GI (barium meal, barium enema), orthopedic photography, pediatrics photography, chest, urinary system angiography, peripheral angiography operations, gynecological Photography (HSG) and many other checks, the real machine can realize all these function.equipped with digital fluoroscopy, digital spot photography and digital DR photography. It can be used for chest and abdominal fluoroscopy, gastrointestinal angiography, urogenital angiography, cholangiography and lower extremity veins. It can be used for head and chest. DR photography of the abdomen and limbs; can also be used for fracture reconstruction under fluoroscopy, foreign bodies, etc.; can be used for peripheral angiography and interventional therapy.

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Item Model Quantity Remark
Console KZT70 1 PLD
High voltage generator FSQ65 1 PLD
X ray tube E7254FX 1 Canon
Collimator XSQ40 1 PLD
Diagnostic table ZDC40 1 PLD
Grid 1.0/1.8m 2 JPI
AEC SSMC601 1 Clemmond
DAP d147 1 PLD
Dynamic flat panel detector DRF-1717RF 1 PLD
Image acquisition workstation DRA80 1 PLD
Stitching function 1 PLD
Accessory PLD8000B 1 PLD


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